Meaningful Meetings with the Master

A Christian who enjoys a positive relationship with the Lord will likely say that their private time of worship is what nourishes and sustains them. Since a little directly from God is better than a lot from people, Christians have to know how to feed themselves from the Bible. One’s personal time of worship is … Continue reading Meaningful Meetings with the Master

The Parable of the Ledge (Part 4 of 4)

Alex Honnald – article cover picture -- was featured on the cover of the May 2011 issue of National Geographic. He is free soloing (no climbing aides, no ropes) Mount Half Dome in Yosemite Valley in northern California.  Photo purchased for use herein. In parts 1-3, an older saint has engaged fellow transit riders in … Continue reading The Parable of the Ledge (Part 4 of 4)

Faith by the Narrowest of Margins (Job 13:15)

“Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him” (v. 15) is a powerful statement. But it is sometimes isolated from its context while being touted as an unshakable, rock-solid declaration of unwavering faith. Though remarkable, it was “faith by the narrowest of margins. Victory by a whisker.” Some of our victories are narrow;  … Continue reading Faith by the Narrowest of Margins (Job 13:15)

Amazed, Grieving, Perplexed & Judging

Luke 7 is a striking collection of the four accounts suggested by the title above. Each account is compelling and relevant to our lives, speaking to our circum-stances today.    Amazed   (Luke 7:1-10)  Jewish people appealed to the Lord Jesus Christ on behalf of a Roman centurion.   While Roman authority over Israel is … Continue reading Amazed, Grieving, Perplexed & Judging

“Helping Out” God (Genesis 16-21)

As so often happens when we’re faced with difficulties, we get impatient and we tend to think God needs our help. When He tests our patience and obedience by sending us trials, we somehow think we need to solve the problem ourselves. After all, the old saying goes, “God helps those who help themselves,” (this … Continue reading “Helping Out” God (Genesis 16-21)

Lessons from Job 1 (Eight Days with Job, #4)

The four lessons from the last post (and one new one today) deserve some additional detail. 1.  We can still worship in spite of mysteries. Job did. Without understanding why disasters cascaded down upon him, Job worshipped God.  The Almighty is not pleased to explain everything to us.  Our faith grows if we continue to … Continue reading Lessons from Job 1 (Eight Days with Job, #4)

Rejection is Protection

Fred Froman was a stout, big man – six foot six, and 275.  He had come to the staff of a large Baptist church from a successful pastorate.  He was the Children’s Pastor.  While he remained in character to love the children, he wanted to get back into the pulpit on a regular basis and … Continue reading Rejection is Protection