A Christmas Grace for Zechariah (Luke 1:20)

When we’ve done wrong and want back into God’s good graces, the only thing we want to know is, “What is this going to cost me–emotionally, physically, financially.  How much discipline will I have to stand under?” “When will ‘this’ be over?”  “What will God include in His ‘this?’”  The particular “this” under consideration is … Continue reading A Christmas Grace for Zechariah (Luke 1:20)

Three Laughs

There’s laughter and there’s laughter. Not all laughter is the same.  Consider the three laughs of Genesis 17:17,  18:10-15 and 21:6 & 7. Abraham’s Laugh of Unbelief (Genesis 17:17) When God told Abraham he would have a son, he laughed.  It was a laughter of disbelief. Abraham asked two rhetorical questions:  “Will a son be … Continue reading Three Laughs