Mountain Climbing

 How many times did Moses climb Mt. Sinai?  It appears that he was called up the mountain once to get stone tablets, then came down to deal with the golden calf situation = round trip # 1. 1 Then God called Big Mo back up the mountain to get a fresh set of tablets on which … Continue reading Mountain Climbing

The Choice Made by Moses (Feeling Unappreciated, Part 3 of 4)

In previously posted articles one and two, we were considering two different responses to difficult circumstances by two men,  General Benedict Arnold, the swashbuckling Revolutionary War general and Moses, the liberator of Israel.   To test Moses, God proposed that he annihilate the Israelites and start over with Moses as the progenitor of a new … Continue reading The Choice Made by Moses (Feeling Unappreciated, Part 3 of 4)

Feeling Unappreciated (Part 1 of 4)

Though Mary was strikingly beautiful, she was vulnerable in two areas. The first was obvious – she was childless, weighing her down with incompleteness. The second only surfaced after I had been her pastor for some time. Gifted in hospitality, she and Bill, her husband, opened their home often to members of our congregation. After … Continue reading Feeling Unappreciated (Part 1 of 4)

Totally Responsible

Everyone is totally responsible for their own attitudes and actions.  A situation with Moses certainly shows this to be the case.      Moses committed a sin that resulted in an early death. His sin was striking a rock instead of speaking to it as God directed. He also identified himself too closely with God and … Continue reading Totally Responsible

What Do You Expect to Accomplish and How Will it End?

Looking ahead as young adults,  we hoped to accomplish much.  Looking back at previous decades,  we ask ourselves, “What was actually achieved?   During a recent reading of Deuteronomy, this question arose: “What did Moses accomplish?”  How did his life end?” He achieved a great deal.  He led two million Israelites through a desert for … Continue reading What Do You Expect to Accomplish and How Will it End?

Joshua’s Tough Leadership Call

So they [the two spies sent by Joshua] went and entered the house of a prostitute named Rahab… our lives for your lives (Joshua 2:1,14).   Moses had forfeited entrance into the promised land because he failed to keep the proper distance between himself and God when he said: “ rebels, must we bring water … Continue reading Joshua’s Tough Leadership Call