The people of Cuba have inspired us and rebuked us many times. Inspired because they are positive, focused on God’s grace and goodness;  rebuked because they do not complain about their hardships (average income US$30 per month).  

(The billboard in the picture says something like Fatherland or death; we are invincible).  

 Our books have been translated into Spanish.

When we discovered that boys played catch with a rock in a sock, the next year we brought

Marilyn’s book Women of Faith was published by editorial Bautista Independiente in 2020 in Spanish.    

God has allowed us to go to Cuba most years since 2003.  We have met quality people who love the Lord Jesus Christ every bit as much as any Christian we have ever met.  Consider the story of Gretel  & Hector. It illustrates spiritual hunger.   

Spiritual Hunger    Mingling with Cubans at an event sponsored by our mission (Action International Ministries), we traded general comments with Gretel & Hector through an interrupter (interpreter).  They had never been to an Action Bible teaching event before; had come from about 60 miles away;  were in their mid-twenties; no children;  were planting a church.  When we inquired further about them and how they came, they said they only had the equivalent of $2.50, not enough for bus fare.  But they had some extra sugar.  By selling a kilo (2.2 pounds) of sugar and they had enough.  What amazed us that they came, (1) not having money for food,  (2) not knowing where they would sleep and  (3) not knowing how they would get home (We would not do that, would we?). 

True, they may have known the congregation where the meeting was being held would be hospitable. True, they may have known that Action normally pays for some of the meals for out-of-town guests.  And people opened their homes for sleeping space (often the floor). But Hector & Gretel wanted to come.  Braving the unknown shows a spiritual thirst and hunger that inspires Marilyn and me.  

 Study Bibles   Pictured at left is a Cuban pastor receiving a John MacArthur Study Bible. Because of the generosity of American Christians in our previous church, we have been able to place about 35 of these excellent Spanish study Bibles with Cuban pastors.  

 Medicines Needed   Currently, Cuba is in need of medicine. Recently two Action staff men flew to Moscow to get 200 pounds of medicine.   In June, our luggage will have hundreds of Ibuprofen and vitamins pills for the Cuban people.  We have been assured that customs will wave us through.  

 Lord willing, we expect to be in Camaguey and Bayamo to teach the Bible June 23 – July 1.  It is a privilege to be with the Cuban Christians. Life there is more basic – “How much food do we have in the house?”  “Is the bike working – I need to go to be with my sick brother?”  “Without a phone, how will I know when to come?” – the Cuban people live in greater dependence on God than believers do in more affluent countries.  And that very dependence makes them intensely connected to the Living God.  It is a privilege to go to Cuba to be with these dynamic, Spirit-filled, loving believers.  Please pray for us.