It was not long after Mr. George Bush was elected that the Left started hating him.  After his eight years, the nation took a sharp turn to the left,  electing Mr. Barack Obama. And the Right hated him. Totally ignoring Philippians 4:8, the Right could not say anything good about him–you would have thought he … Continue reading Extreme

Samson: A Bigger Perspective (Part 2 of 2, Judges 13-16)

 Samson’s judgeship is reported as thoroughly as Gideon’s, while several judges get only two or three verses.  He is the last judge (excluding Samuel, who may or may not be classified as a judge).  Because of his glaring weakness, we tend to learn negatively from him (What not to do). But let’s look at God’s … Continue reading Samson: A Bigger Perspective (Part 2 of 2, Judges 13-16)

Balance (Eight Days with Job, #2)

You’ve stopped being afraid of the book of Job. Good! You’re ready to dive in! In my Bible, Job is 33 pages shorter than Genesis and only seven pages longer than John, both of which get ten times the pulpit attention. It’s time you had a grasp of God’s classic statement about suffering. Go! Job … Continue reading Balance (Eight Days with Job, #2)