Checklist for Applicants
 (Job 16)

“You are miserable comforters” (v. 2). In essence, Job said, “You are unaware of how you are presenting yourselves . . .  you don’t understand yourselves.” Hence the sarcastic term Job’s Comforter (J.C.) has come down to us as one who means well, but makes matters worse by authoritatively talking about what he does not … Continue reading Checklist for Applicants
 (Job 16)

The Jobian Back-Off Maneuver (Job 15)

Track and field fans know the term Fosbury Flop;  emergency medical personnel are familiar with the Heimlich Maneuver and gymnasts value a routine that sticks the landing. In ice skating, a triple toe loop has a difficulty factor of 6; a triple lutz 8 and a triple axel 10. The J.B.O.M. has a spiritual difficulty … Continue reading The Jobian Back-Off Maneuver (Job 15)

Faith by the Narrowest of Margins (Job 13:15)

“Though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him” (v. 15) is a powerful statement. But it is sometimes isolated from its context while being touted as an unshakable, rock-solid declaration of unwavering faith. Though remarkable, it was “faith by the narrowest of margins. Victory by a whisker.” Some of our victories are narrow;  … Continue reading Faith by the Narrowest of Margins (Job 13:15)

The Phantom 26th Verse (Job 12)

The 26th verse is the key to Job 12.  Please get a Bible and read it.  Did you find it?  It’s there. We will come back to the phantom 26th verse.   Dripping with sarcasm, Job said to his friends, “When you die, all wisdom will be gone from the earth” (v. 2). The discussion … Continue reading The Phantom 26th Verse (Job 12)

Am I Listening? (Job 11:5 & 6)

Have you spotted yourself among the four people we are studying?  We’re all in the text.  I’ve been Job. So have you. When friendship and love were extended to us, we were too overwhelmed to benefit from the well-intended help. We were trembling on the verge of tears, too emotionally thin to listen.  We’ve been … Continue reading Am I Listening? (Job 11:5 & 6)

Zingers from Zophar
 (Job 11)

What kind of a man is this Zophar, the last of Job’s three friends?  We met Eliphaz, the high Brahmin of orthodoxy who bolted into the spirit realm when he needed extra fire power (4:12-17) in presenting the prosecution’s case. We met Bomber Bil who earned The Most Caustic Statement of the Book award for … Continue reading Zingers from Zophar
 (Job 11)

Balance (Eight Days with Job, #2)

You’ve stopped being afraid of the book of Job. Good! You’re ready to dive in! In my Bible, Job is 33 pages shorter than Genesis and only seven pages longer than John, both of which get ten times the pulpit attention. It’s time you had a grasp of God’s classic statement about suffering. Go! Job … Continue reading Balance (Eight Days with Job, #2)

Job: Spiritual Sushi (Eight Days with Job, #1)

Job is almost the only book in the Bible that does not ask you to do anything.  Instead, it invites you to think. It’s brain food. It conveys: “Don’t be surprised if you find yourself confused, doubting, afflicted or crushed. That does not mean that God is against you. More is happening than you know, … Continue reading Job: Spiritual Sushi (Eight Days with Job, #1)