The Penny War

 The senior class at Macomb Christian School (Warren, Michigan which is greater Detroit) needed a fund raiser.  They settled on a one-week Penny War.   Each class, 7th grade – 12th grade, was given a jug in which to collect coins.  Pennies were positive points, but silver – quarters, dimes and nickels – were negative … Continue reading The Penny War

Dry Trees Who Belong

 “Don’t say, ‘The Lord will surely exclude me from His people,’”  nor  complain, “’I am only a dry tree.’” In these two phrases from Isaiah 56:3,  God addresses two subjects:  belonging and inadequacy.  Belonging   Some foreigners were on the fringe of the Jewish nation. They were drawn to God’s people by the quality of … Continue reading Dry Trees Who Belong


 Arriving into Singapore some years ago, we were met at the airport by Bob Howder.  We had not met previously, but had corresponded. “Where are we staying?” I asked as we drove away.  Bob responded, “You’ll be with Norm & Louise Barnhart.” I thought, Norm & Louise Barnhart. Okay. Don’t know them but we will … Continue reading Trust

Second Best (Genesis 29:16 – 35:19)

Poor Leah, it seemed she was always second best. She was the oldest daughter and yet we can assume no eligible suitors had claimed her hand in marriage for the last seven years. Have you ever thought of yourself as second best? Maybe you had a beautiful younger sister who attracted everyone's attention, like Leah. … Continue reading Second Best (Genesis 29:16 – 35:19)

More Saved Than Lost

 You have wondered, “Will more people be saved and enjoy Heaven for eternity, or will more people remain lost?”  If more people remain separated from God, then it seems that satan will have won. And it does not seem logical that God would allow that. It is true that some Scripture appears to support the … Continue reading More Saved Than Lost

Canary in the Cage (Philip’s Funeral)

While we all respect Queen Elizabeth for her steady endurance over the course of 70 years, I laughed until the tears rolled down my cheeks a year ago, insisting that I wanted a square hat like the Anglican clergymen who officiated at Prince Philip’s funeral (April, 2021).  I also told my son that a cape … Continue reading Canary in the Cage (Philip’s Funeral)


 There is a lot of talk in Christian circles about community.  It conveys family, closeness and deep friendships. The strongest Bible statement about community is Luke 2:44.   Luke 2:44 shows us what community is.  Several families had traveled from Nazareth to Jerusalem for Passover.  When it was time to return north, the families departed. … Continue reading Community

 A Marriage Made in Heaven (Genesis 25:19 – 26:35)

From the beginning, Isaac and Rebekah’s marriage was more than an arrangement to please an aging father. It seems that Rebekah filled the emptiness in Isaac’s heart. This was literally a “Marriage Made in Heaven.” It would not be farfetched to imagine that Isaac – never a man of action like his father Abraham – … Continue reading  A Marriage Made in Heaven (Genesis 25:19 – 26:35)

Cuba June 2022

 The people of Cuba have inspired us and rebuked us many times. Inspired because they are positive, focused on God’s grace and goodness;  rebuked because they do not complain about their hardships (average income US$30 per month).   (The billboard in the picture says something like Fatherland or death; we are invincible).    Our books … Continue reading Cuba June 2022

Tell Me The Dream (Thoughts for Preachers)

 Your Delivery is Critical.   Some preachers take off, fly up to 35,000 feet, speak for forty minutes and then land, maintaining the same delivery.  Same intensity in their voice. Same tone of voice, same, volume.  Same, same (shame) puts people to sleep.   Instead, sometimes whisper, sometimes shout.  Sometimes speak fast, other times spread … Continue reading Tell Me The Dream (Thoughts for Preachers)