My mother occasionally served us pork chops for dinner. After having enjoyed the majority of the meat on his chop, my dad said, “Son, it is okay to pick up the bone—it costs too much to not get it all.”

“Get it all” echoed in my mind as the years have gone by. And the “it-cost-too-much-to-not-get-it-all” part has returned to my mind also.  

Things like $15 for a supposedly high-powered fluoride toothpaste (both pictures at left).  

I am convinced that those who manufacture containers design them to retain as much of the product as possible. When a person thinks he has run out of Ranch Salad Dressing or PreviDent Toothpaste, he goes to buy more. 

But my Dad enjoyed beating the system.  So do I.  I cut open containers I think are retaining too much of the product (pictured left).  Once the toothpaste, for example, is in a wide-mouth container I can use it. 

The mayo bottle to the right is one of the worst types of containers for the consumer.   Just a hole at the top or a slit. I would guess that 1/4 or 1/5 of the mayo stays in this plastic container, even if you unscrew the lid and fish for more mayo with a knife. 

Get it all!  The Lord Jesus Christ died, absorbing the bullet of God’s wrath that we all deserve.  He died to satisfy God the Father about our sin.  Jesus Christ paid an enormous price. I believe He wants us to get it all.  

What is the “it?”  The “it” is a life-dominating enjoyment of the Living God.  A full-life liberation resulting in loving, enjoying, obeying and serving the Lord Jesus Christ. 

“Get all” Jesus purchased for you by seeking Him intensely. Read the Bible every day.  True, many times after reading I do not feel I have stuck my finger in a spiritual electric socket, but over the weeks, months and years there is a positive cumulative effect such that I feel guided, loved, challenged and nourished.  

Get it all!