Ashish [a pastor’s son in Nepal seeking scholarships], may I tell you about a spiritual adventure I had years ago.  When I was about 24 I went to Grand Rapids, Michigan, to go to seminary. 

I did not know anyone in Grand Rapids . . . had never been there before and I arrived into the city with only 57 cents in my pocket (that’s like maybe 3 rupees).  I was ahead on my car payments and expected to be able to borrow some money, get established, find a church to pastor and be all set up and comfortable.  But the car agency said, “Mr. Kaynor, yes you are ahead on your car payments, but you do not have an income, so we can’t loan you any money.”  Ashish, I was desperate. No money. Did not know anyone. Did not have a job.  

I was not supposed to start classes until I had paid, but I knew God wanted me there. So–contrary to the rules–I just started attending classes.  By the time classes started, I had moved into the home for Fordyce & Irene Hough, a gracious older couple who brought some food downstairs for me.  

Anyway, I started classes on Monday.  By Friday, Ashish, I was spiritually sweating. Wha a faith week it had been. But I needed to stop at the financial office and be honest about the situation.  When I introduced myself to Vi Hagar, the finance officer, she said, “Oh, you are the one!”  I was sure she was going to be mad at me.  And I deserved it.  

Seeing the discouraged look on my face, she added, “Oh this is good.”  I brightened up.  A family in the small church I had been pastoring in North Dakota sent funds for my first year of seminary. I had no idea that they would do that.  My bill was paid. Also, that same day I got a good job at Keeler Brass, and got my car re-financed so that I actually did get some cash for my pocket.  

And the point Ashish of the above is that God loves you just as much as He loves me. And He took care of me, so He will take care of you.  As you look to Him, doing what you know to be His will (reading the Bible regularly, praying, being submissive to your Mother and Dad), God will reveal to you what you do not know.  As we daily do what we know we should, God will reveal to us what we want to know (where to find a job, where to live, who to date, etc).  

Please write me back and tell what is happening in your life.  I promise to write back to you.  I like your red shirt.