Tense Negotiations

 Dateline:  August 8, 1993  Beirut     Mr. Giandomenico Picco, the assistant United Nations Secretary-General, was in delicate negotiations for the release of American hostages. Terry Anderson, United Press International’s station chief had been held for seven years.  The American public wanted their fellow citizen home.  Picco’s bold plan called for the release of all … Continue reading Tense Negotiations

Mayflower Mayhem (3 of 3)

We conclude looking at the adversity the 1620 voyage of the Pilgrims to the New World to gain perspective on what our own enterprizes may face: The congregation had shrunk to one-sixth what it had been when plans for the New World were formulating.  It was down to 50 Pilgrims, which was just less than … Continue reading Mayflower Mayhem (3 of 3)

Love Intersecting With Leadership

Secret Understanding    Revelation 2:17 says the Lord Jesus Christ gives a white stone to those who overcome.  It has on it a name known only to the recipient and the Lord who gave it.  It is a new name.  When I feel close to someone, I give them a new name;   a  nickname. It captures … Continue reading Love Intersecting With Leadership

Planting Time-Bombs of Truth

Abraham Lincoln saw his first slave auction in New Orleans as a young man.  Thirty years would go by before the ugliness and inhumanity of that experience would result in legislative action.  But that experience set his conscience a-ticking.  It went off in 1863 when the President wrote the Emancipation Proclamation. General Douglas MacArthur, of … Continue reading Planting Time-Bombs of Truth

Leadership Creates Unexpected Risk

Thomas Jefferson was elected on a strict Constitutionalist platform.  He was committed to do only what the Constitution allowed him to do. When Napoleon offered the Jefferson administration the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, the President was in a bind. The Constitution said nothing about buying more territory.  Talk around Washington was that the U.S. would … Continue reading Leadership Creates Unexpected Risk

What Do You Expect to Accomplish and How Will it End?

Looking ahead as young adults,  we hoped to accomplish much.  Looking back at previous decades,  we ask ourselves, “What was actually achieved?   During a recent reading of Deuteronomy, this question arose: “What did Moses accomplish?”  How did his life end?” He achieved a great deal.  He led two million Israelites through a desert for … Continue reading What Do You Expect to Accomplish and How Will it End?

Joshua’s Tough Leadership Call

So they [the two spies sent by Joshua] went and entered the house of a prostitute named Rahab… our lives for your lives (Joshua 2:1,14).   Moses had forfeited entrance into the promised land because he failed to keep the proper distance between himself and God when he said: “...you rebels, must we bring water … Continue reading Joshua’s Tough Leadership Call