Thanksgiving is when some cease to gobble and others start.

Have you noticed that thankful people are nice to be around? Gratitude perfumes an atmosphere.  Thankfulness is voicing how God and others have benefited our lives.

If we are thinking we are thankful.  Many people have poured themselves into our lives. For example, a teacher patiently taught me to read  (I “read” the pictures instead of the text).  Since I was being stretched academically, thankfulness was far from my childish mind.

Teachers put up with our complaints about how hard the homework was.  Yet they were doing us a great service we did not recognize.

On the way home from work, have you stopped for milk and bread? Is it safe to drink?  Yes it is because of many people whose names we do not know.  They put rules and regulations in place so our milk would be pure and safe.  Are we thinking about that? 

We get in an airplane and travel at 35,000 feet for 2.5 hours.  We have never met the pilot, but we have entrusted our lives to him (her).  How can we do that?  Because pilots must meet the training and safety standards of a given airline.  Someone knew we would be traveling, so years ago they began preparing for us to have a safe flight.  Let’s be thankful for the safety standards of our society. 

There are suspicious noises in our house late at night.  Someone has broken into our home. We call the police.  It is 2:45 A.M. – will an officer respond?  Someone who is willing to risk his (or her) life to protect me?   An officer does come, and all is well.  Are we thinking about the training, dedication and diligence of such people?  More reason to be thankful.  If we are thinkful we are thankful.