It is not polite to stare.  But I could not help myself.  Where were that man’s arms?  Does he have no arms?  I looked away, uncomfortable with what I thought I saw. I looked back a few seconds later.  

No, I was correct. He had no arms! 

How does a person navigate life with no arms?  How does he push up his glasses? How does he dress?  Brush his teeth.  Get around?  

Is it possible this man could be a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ?  It would be easy for him to be angry at God.  

Yes, he was a believer and a radiant one at that!  It was 2017 when we met this dear brother in Cuba.     

 He was an elder at the church we were visiting.   

He rides his trike around his Cuban community, leaning to steer.   He fixes things with his toes.  He gardens with his toes! He is an amazing man.  He is not self-pitying; not disabled. He is a godly, happy man. 

Seeing him, I promised God I would not complain about anything ever again.  (Did I make it two hours?)