To help understand the quality of Christ’s atoning death, consider an example that came to me years ago (I do not know where I picked it up, so I can’t give credit). 

Suppose it were possible to redeem mosquitos. Suppose you were prepared to die for mosquitos and that by doing so, they would be “redeemed.” 

So the question arises, how many mosquitos could you redeem by dying? Five?  Twenty-five?  500?  5 million?  No, a human life is worth more than 5 million mosquitos. In fact, one human life is worth all the mosquitos of all time.  So superior is human life to mosquito life that all mosquitos could be redeemed by the atoning death of just one human being.  

Likewise the quality of the life of Jesus Christ was such that all sinners could be redeemed.  He has atoned for all human sin of all time.  

He died a qualitative death, not a quantitative death.  In other words, Jesus Christ did not shed one drop of blood for Bishnu , a second for Pietro, or a third for Alexandro (the average adult body has only 1.3 gallons of blood – He would soon run out).  His death was a qualitative death of sufficient value  to redeem all who would put their trust in Him.