Imagine yourself as a CEO of a company. You are extremely good at what you do.  No one is like You. No one is even close to Your skill, brilliance or capacities.  You have known success like no one who has ever existed.  

You decided that You will maintaining Your world-wide enterprises without being seen and never speaking in a voice that could be heard by a human ear. No sight;  no sound.  Those are the rules.  No face-to-face meetings, no matter what problems your management team or your employees run into. Those are the rules.  That’s how this deal is run.  If someone doesn’t like it, he can get off the planet.  The rules are not changing for anyone. They have been the same for more than four thousand years.  Your people will have to figure it out.  

How do You expect to maintain Your company?  What will keep them working for You if You are invisible and never speak to them?  What will sustain the loyalty of Your people?  How will employees continue to feel part of the whole?     

You will be able to coach them. But not with sight or sound. You will give them mental and emotional radar that will provide the necessary guidance. But always, always,  You will not be obvious. So modest and humble are You that You absolutely flatly and totally insist on being inconspicuous.  You will not parade your brilliance, nor showcase your might.  

Yes, some of Your people get frustrated. They want to see You.  In their exasperation they forget You do not do face-to-face.  They want You to speak up in a company meeting.  It would do if You would just speak over the public address system while You are out of sight.  But Your silence communicates Your response to this plea.  No.

True, they understand the general direction, but encounter overwhelming problems which you could solve in an instant.  

Some get very stressed about this.  But you have built a fabulous organization with people so loyal to you they will work and work and work, and even die for You. 

It is amazing you have been able to build a world-wide organization, the biggest fraternity the world has ever known, the income of which is billions of dollars every week with about 2.5 billion people claiming some degree of loyalty to You.    

You did send them a policy manual.  But that was thousands of years ago – before the sexual revolution of the 60’s in America, before Vietnam and computers, space flight and 9/11.  Before science was declared god. Before LGBTQ.  Before both political parties demonized the other and weaponized everything.  

Still, everyone in the know is grateful for how You undeniably have transformed the lives of millions. 

Suppose God leaned over the guardrails of Heaven and shouted directions. 

  • “Do not marry her – I know things about her you don’t.”  
  • “No, silly, take the job in Madison, not the one in Monroe. Money isn’t everything.” 
  • “Buy this house because the other one you like has termites.” 
  • “Patience, patience, cause I am about the change things  . . .  can’t you trust Me? 
  • “Yes, there are many mysteries – that’s so you will depend on Me.”   
  • “I have a vested interested in you – I died for you and you have been so out-spoken that everyone knows you belong to Me, so I want you to do reasonably well in life so I will be discovered when people ask, “What makes you tick?”   

The no talking and not seen policy1 leaves God where He wants to be – He refuses to be obvious.  Showy.  Refuses to use the spectacular to garner a following. Continues to be humbly out of sight.  Oh, the humility of God.  

  1.  Yes, God did speak on very rare occasions (Acts 9; at the baptism of Jesus in Matthew 3).