The four lessons from the last post (and one new one today) deserve some additional detail.

1.  We can still worship in spite of mysteries. Job did. Without understanding why disasters cascaded down upon him, Job worshipped God.  The Almighty is not pleased to explain everything to us.  Our faith grows if we continue to obey and trust when we do not know why we are suffering. And angels and demons are impressed with God as they see Him sustaining his servants.  Many Christians are in jail today for their faith and some are bold for Christ!  

2.  Knowledge is power. Job did not know why he suffered.  Had Job been allowed into God’s War Room . . .  had Job received an intelligence briefing . . . had Job known of the bet, the value of this book for us would be significantly reduced.  Why? Because we will probably not know why God has allowed a traffic accident, cancer, or an injustice to us.  If Job knows about his situation what I don’t know about mine, I dismiss his suffering as significantly different from mine. So I dismiss this book of the Bible.

And make no mistake – knowledge is power. The Spanish conquistador threatened the South American natives, “Bring me gold or I turn out the sun.” He knows a solar eclipse is coming, so he makes a fast peso on his knowledge.

3.  Suffering focuses the issues of ownership, worth and value. Is God’s company valuable enough to me that I will refuse to become bitter over an injustice He allows?  Is God valuable enough to me that I will cherish His company as others around me scheme their way to unearned promotions and big money? Is God worth my continued faithfulness when my world caves in?  Christians claim they are owned by God.  Suffering makes us re-examine that and upgrade what that means. 

4.  Nothing is exempt as God sets about to develop faith.  Apparently God so values faith that He is willing to see everything stripped from us to develop it.  Were Job’s ten children expendable in order to develop Job and the message of this book?  Yes.  Spiritual R & D (Research & Development) can be very expensive.  Your reputation as a good parent, employee, church worker or all-around, on-top-of-everything good guy does not matter as much to God as the development of your faith. Your health and your retirement funds are on the block too – God’s goal is to mature the saints. To replicate Jesus Christ in those who claim to follow Him. And He will get His work done. As we trust Him, we will enjoy the ride. 

5. Events on earth must be interpreted in light of events in Heaven.  And since we do not know what’s happening at headquarters, we must live by faith like Job did. He was a giant! Solid gold!  We want to be gold, also.  How is your gold looking these days?  

Lessons from Job 1 is day 4 from Eight Days with Job

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