No, loving people is not rocket science.  No PhD required.  Just love people. Invest time and attention in the people around you.  You and I can’t change anyone – only the Holy spirit can change people. By loving people we seek to get in on what He is doing to draw people to the Savior.  The longer I live (I am 76 years young), the more I see that just loving people cooperates with what the Holy Spirit is doing in lives.  

Critics – yes, sometime we have to disagree and point out something negative. But a little of that goes a looooong ways.  A little chocolate can color a lot of vanilla.  

Guidance – yes, parents are called upon to give guidance and sometimes it is not wanted.  Since the world will reject your Son or Daughter and show them in a 1000 ways why they are not important, Mom & Dad need to be 110% for their Sons and Daughters.  

Noelle Richter – pictured above holding the hands of two Cuban girls – is a Prophetess of Just Love People.  It ain’t rocket science.