In seeking to explain how the world came to exist and where people came from, some evolutionists believe that life began with very small one-cell creatures, and gradually, over millions of years, small changes occurred, resulting in the complex life-forms we

see today (including people).  They believe life evolved. Some evolutionists believe a huge explosion (the so called Big Bang) occurred millions of years ago that caused all that we physically see (the world, people, space, etc). Such people assume the forever existence of one-celled creatures and matter without explaining how matter came to exist.  

Below are some factors that lead Bible-believing Christians to disagree and believe in special creation by Almighty God: 

Intelligent Design is observable in the physical world. Roses, babies, sunrises, computers, cars, and airplanes reveal orderly design. Such design is only achievable through an intelligent being. Where we observe design, there has to be a Designer. Evolutionists invest vast amounts of energy to deny the obvious – intelligent design. Looking at a wrist watch, no one would deny design. Yet to be consistent, evolutionists must look up into the night sky and pretend that the movement of the stars – by which men navigated the oceans and told time for centuries – is random. Creationists say, “It is hard to convince people that star movement is the result of random chance.”   

How long would we have to shake a box of radio parts before they would assemble themselves into a working radio?  That would never happen.  A human body is far more complex than a radio, yet evolutionists say it just “happened.” Would an explosion in an aircraft factory assemble a modern jetliner? No. Nor would complex living things arise without the care of intelligent design and maintenance.  We would not conclude that a beautiful picture painted itself. Instead, a picture proves the existence of an artist. And the world proves the existence of an all-powerful Creator that the Jewish Bible says is God Almighty.    

Evolution is No More Scientific than Creationism. Both are Faith-Based  The scientific method,  by definition, confines itself to (1) what a person can see, smell, taste, touch, hear or measure and replicate. (2) Valid science also requires that repeat experiments reveal the same conclusions. No scientist was present to watch or measure these slow changes that supposedly took place over millions of years. So evolution is exposed for what it is – a faith. Evolutionists have faith that their interpretation of the evidence supports evolution. 

It is equally true that no person was present when the God of the Bible created the world, so it also is a faith-based conclusion. Neither is “scientific” according to the accepted definition of science. So the differing sides in this intellectual war are not one scientific view opposing a religious view, but the faith of one religious view opposing the faith of another religious view.     

Assumptions   “Scientific” creationism and “scientific” evolution have to make assumptions, since no observers were   present. Then all the evidence (fossils, for example) is interpreted in light of those assumptions (beliefs). Such assumptions form the basis for both belief systems. When someone sees an ancient animal reconstructed in a glass case in a museum, he/she is looking at an artist’s reconstruction based on assumptions (biases) that an evolutionist has made. From a few bones or teeth, the evolutionist guesses (makes assumptions) about what the rest of the animal looked like and builds a model based on their assumptions.   

Creationists believe that the data (fossils, geology) support their conclusions. The argument is not over the data, since both sides look at the same facts, fossils and facts of geology. The argument is over How to Interpret the Data.   

Biblical Scientific Creationism and Evolution are Both Religious in Nature  It is an historical fact that evolutionists, generally, do not believe in God. But that does not mean evolution is not religious in nature.  Evolution has an anthropology – a doctrine of man (man is god); a view about salvation (there is no need for salvation, since people are basically good); and a view about authority and truth (whatever people believe is best, right, authoritative and true). Evolution has a view about life after death (there is no life after death). 

Do not be fooled, evolution claims to be “scientific,” but is religious in nature since the faithful, consistent “believers” see it as a total world and life view. The evolutionists frame the issues differently by accusing Creationism of being religious, while they claim for themselves the high ground of the objectivity of pure science. This is simply not true. Both are religious in nature.  

The Second Law of Thermodynamics Opposes Evolution  This law of physics states that things move from order to disorder. For example, think about the home you live in. If you were able to leave it for a mere 5000 years (which is less than a wink of time by evolutionary standards) and then come back to see it, it would likely be a pile of dust.  A garden does not stay weed-free by itself.  Left alone, it would change from neat rows of corn and carrots to weeds. Let’s apply this principle, which is constantly observed in daily life, to evolution. Evolution says things changed from very simple to very complex forms of life, which is directly opposite of what we observe in daily life (that life moves from order to disorder).  

How do evolutionist answer the argument from the Second Law of Thermodynamics?  They would speak about a closed system versus an open system and dismiss this Creationist argument, but their explanation will not hold up under careful study. 

“All you Christians have is blind faith,”  accuses the evolutionist. Personally, as a believer of the Bible and a Creationist, my heart can’t rejoice in what my head rejects as inconsistent. The mind and emotions work together, both having been created by God. The apostle Paul said, “I know whom I have believed…” and “I am persuaded that He is able . . . .”  The Christian’s faith is based on evidence. Christianity goes beyond reason, but is not contrary to reason  (“Come let us reason together, says the Lord.” Isaiah 1:18). Faith is the mental assurance that the evidence is adequate.  Make no mistake, the fossils, the archaeological digs and the so called “geological time table” can be interpreted differently than one hears proclaimed as truth in most American universities.  Both evolutionists and Creationists look at the same evidence, but have differing conclusion about it, and both are based on faith.

The Rationale for Man Being in Charge   A huge canyon exists between evolutionists and Creationists about Who is in charge?  Some of the driving force behind evolution is the human desire to control and be in charge. If evolution is true, then people can do as they please. But if Jesus Christ is God in a human body, then the only logical conclusion is that people are accountable to the Living God and must do as He says. The Bible teaches that we are born with a sinful, selfish nature (Little Ones don’t have to be taught “Me, Mine.” That comes “naturally.”) 

We are self-oriented people by nature, birth and choice. We are all born with a god complex, and therefore on the devil’s team from the start. This does not mean we are as evil as we can possibly be. The Christian doctrine of human depravity is that sin has corrupted our minds, emotions, logic process, self-orientation, and health. Part of being sinful is that we are in intellectual rebellion against God. People seek a mental framework that will remove from them any responsibility to obey God. Some use their God-given brains to avoid being accountable to their Creator. Evolution provides that rationale. Don’t be fooled– there is an intellectual war going on and what is at stake is the minds, souls, wills, bodies, brains and resources of people.

(Sir Isaac Newton – at left; man of science and man of God.)

If we are only sophisticated animals with no life after this life, what is there to restrain behavior?  Why doesn’t everyone do whatever they want to do?  How can the rule of law guide a nation?  It can’t. The evolutionist’s response is, “We are animals, but we have to be nice to each other. We have to be reasonable.”  Is that enough to restrain Hitler’s use of evolution as a justification his genocide policy?  He was pure evil. 

A Glance at Evolution’s Step-Children: Abortion and Racism    Charles Darwin, the founder of evolution, saw life as a struggle between the strong and the weak. Life, he said, is the survival of the fittest. Racism is based on the idea that some people are inferior to others, and that some people who are stronger and smarter will dominate weaker, inferior people. Adolf Hitler carried evolution to its logical conclusion. He believed in the superiority of the Aryan race. As a result, he plunged Europe into a war that cost 50 million lives. The cheap-life-view advocates (abortionists) use evolution to support their philosophy. They are for “choice” for everyone but the baby.