While American children have flannelgraph,  maps, globes, visual aides, take home papers, audio-visuals, workbooks to color and/or fill out and teachers have quarterlies to assist their teaching,  Cuban Sunday School children have nothing. 

Because of the generosity of American Christians, we were able to print 750 copies of the Bible Activity Lesson Coloring Book (featured in all three pictures). But other than that, we have seen no Sunday School teaching / learning assistance on any of our 15 trips to local churches Cuba. 

Once we passed out the books and the crayons, heads were down, there was no talking and all were absorbed by coloring the pictures.  To a Cuban child, a magic marker or a Sharpie are a novelty;  a delight. They have never had such things.  

Adults loved the Bible Activity Lesson Coloring Books as much as the boys and girls.  

Let’s be grateful for our Sunday Schools, realizing that: 

  • Our teachers work diligently to prepare each Sunday for us
  • We are blessed with many assists 
  • Cuban Christians have no assists

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