Natalie Ishioka (10 years of age) of Corner-stone Baptist Church, Roseville, Michigan,  became concerned about Cuba when an offering was received for Bikes for Cuban Pastors at our annual (July, 2014) Vacation Bible School.  The kids came up with $2400  (with a little help from a few well-heeled adults). 

Natalie had saved the money for a long time. Putting on plays in her family’s basement, she charged 2 or 3 cents per person. It began to add up when it was VBS time.   

As my wife and I were about to leave for Cuba January 8, 2015, Natalie had a whopping $14.64.   She sealed that in an envelope and wrote a note on the outside.   On the way to church to give it to us, she found a quarter!  So she taped that on the outside of the envelope (pictured above), adjusted the total to $14.89 and gave it to us. 

What a joy to deliver that to Ruth (pictured at right), the 10-year-old daughter of Pastor and Mrs. Magdiel Matos Matos in Matanzas, Cuba.  Ruth was so pleased!  Her Thank You note back to Natalie included two significant things:  (1) she was going to invest the money on shoes for school, and (2) she felt God was rewarding her for giving money to students at school who had needed a little help in the past.  What a joy to connect these 10-year-olds.