We have experienced this more than once.  We give a gift to someone and they do not cash the check for weeks.  Cashing the check means taking it to a bank and trading it for the cash money it represents. 

Not cashing the check is a help to the recipient (1) to not dribble the money away on frivolous, small items. (2) It’s also a saving program for the big ticket item one is saving for or quick cash in an emergency.  So not cashing the check helps the recipient.

But what are the circumstances of the donor?  An uncashed is not good for the following reasons: 

  • The gift appears to not be needed or appreciated.
  • Often there is no thank you note to acknowledge the gift, so the donor does   
        not know if the gift arrived or got lost in the mail.  “Did they get it? Who 
  • The donor’s checkbook does not balance until the check is cashed. 
  • It’s annoying. So if you receive a gift, cash the check!   Please!   

The greatest check that was ever given was the God-Man, Jesus Christ, coming to the earth to suffer the anger God the Father has toward my sin and yours. Every honest person knows that if his/her sinful thoughts—the angry thoughts – the revenge fantasies – the power trips – the carnal dreams – all that our fallen sin natures bring up to us on a constant basis — were to suddenly appear in printed form on every computer screen within a one-mile radius, we would be embarrassed and suffer social death. The ultimate check, the best gift is Jesus Christ. Faith in Him brings God’s forgiveness.  We “cash that check” by believing in what Jesus Christ accomplished on the cross.  Believing that He absorbed the punishment you deserve and give yourselves to Him.   Cash that check, man!