Suddenly The Angel Left

Would you like to talk to an angel about what’s happening to you?  I would. Peter came close, but did not have adequate time for an in-depth discussion.   It is reported in Acts 12:8-10.  King Herod, willing to please the militant Jews, killed James (the brother of John).  He arrested Peter, intending to put him … Continue reading Suddenly The Angel Left

Change Was Difficult (Part 2 of 3)

The shift from law living to grace living . . .  from Hebrew Christianity (still with one foot in their native Jewishness)   to  “Come-on-in-all-you-Gentiles-absolutely-free” required a lot of print (Acts 10, 11 & some in 15).  It seems like over-kill as we read it.  Twentieth-first century believers can’t appreciate the agony of Peter’s struggle … Continue reading Change Was Difficult (Part 2 of 3)