Getting Your Vitamin G

We all need Vitamin G.  Genesis 24 has a nice dose of Vitamin G (God) for us, as we see Abraham’s unnamed servant find a wife for Abraham’s son, Isaac.  Let’s look for factors which will help us get more Vitamin G.  Students of How to Know God’s Will have received Vitamin G from this … Continue reading Getting Your Vitamin G

Three Laughs

There’s laughter and there’s laughter. Not all laughter is the same.  Consider the three laughs of Genesis 17:17,  18:10-15 and 21:6 & 7. Abraham’s Laugh of Unbelief (Genesis 17:17) When God told Abraham he would have a son, he laughed.  It was a laughter of disbelief. Abraham asked two rhetorical questions:  “Will a son be … Continue reading Three Laughs