Out of Control (Part 3 of 4)

Isaac became a troublesome problem for Rebekah, an obstacle in her way. She may have thought “He loves that Esau so! Didn’t he remember that God had told her that Jacob would be blessed, and that Esau would serve Jacob?” If he didn’t fully realize that, she would make sure that he did! Instead of asking … Continue reading Out of Control (Part 3 of 4)

Out of Control (Part 2 of 4)

 Genesis 25:19-34 tells us Rebekah was expecting twins! And God told her that the older son would serve the younger son. This was very unusual for that day. The older son almost always received the double portion of the father’s inheritance and would be the patriarchal head of the family upon the death of his … Continue reading Out of Control (Part 2 of 4)

Connecting Two Ten-Year-Olds

Natalie Ishioka (10 years of age) of Corner-stone Baptist Church, Roseville, Michigan,  became concerned about Cuba when an offering was received for Bikes for Cuban Pastors at our annual (July, 2014) Vacation Bible School.  The kids came up with $2400  (with a little help from a few well-heeled adults).  Natalie had saved the money for … Continue reading Connecting Two Ten-Year-Olds

How to Get Smart

You will not like this article and it will be the briefest article you will ever read from me.  It is short, poignant and carries a life-arresting application.  Want to be smarter?  Be viewed as knowledgeable?  Be respected more?  Be wise? Of course. We all do.  So how do we get there from here?  Starting … Continue reading How to Get Smart

Get It All

 My mother occasionally served us pork chops for dinner. After having enjoyed the majority of the meat on his chop, my dad said, “Son, it is okay to pick up the bone—it costs too much to not get it all.” “Get it all” echoed in my mind as the years have gone by. And the … Continue reading Get It All


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