Love Story (Genesis 24:1-27; Part 1 of 2)

“It was evening and time for the women to come to the well for water. A strikingly beautiful young woman was there with her large clay pitcher, ready to lower it into the well, when she heard the clop-clop of camels slowing under the shouts of their drivers. A small but luxurious caravan appeared out … Continue reading Love Story (Genesis 24:1-27; Part 1 of 2)

It’s Not Rocket Science

No, loving people is not rocket science.  No PhD required.  Just love people. Invest time and attention in the people around you.  You and I can’t change anyone – only the Holy spirit can change people. By loving people we seek to get in on what He is doing to draw people to the Savior.  … Continue reading It’s Not Rocket Science

Love Intersecting With Leadership

Secret Understanding    Revelation 2:17 says the Lord Jesus Christ gives a white stone to those who overcome.  It has on it a name known only to the recipient and the Lord who gave it.  It is a new name.  When I feel close to someone, I give them a new name;   a  nickname. It captures … Continue reading Love Intersecting With Leadership