Love Intersecting With Leadership

Secret Understanding    Revelation 2:17 says the Lord Jesus Christ gives a white stone to those who overcome.  It has on it a name known only to the recipient and the Lord who gave it.  It is a new name.  When I feel close to someone, I give them a new name;   a  nickname. It captures … Continue reading Love Intersecting With Leadership

Planting Time-Bombs of Truth

Abraham Lincoln saw his first slave auction in New Orleans as a young man.  Thirty years would go by before the ugliness and inhumanity of that experience would result in legislative action.  But that experience set his conscience a-ticking.  It went off in 1863 when the President wrote the Emancipation Proclamation. General Douglas MacArthur, of … Continue reading Planting Time-Bombs of Truth

Joshua’s Tough Leadership Call

So they [the two spies sent by Joshua] went and entered the house of a prostitute named Rahab… our lives for your lives (Joshua 2:1,14).   Moses had forfeited entrance into the promised land because he failed to keep the proper distance between himself and God when he said: “ rebels, must we bring water … Continue reading Joshua’s Tough Leadership Call