The $740 Pie

 Waterloo, Iowa, Black Hawk County 4-H,  August 2, 1996.   Eleven-year-old Drew Hoppenworth decided to make a pie to be sold at the 4-H fair.  He thought, “If no one raises money, there won’t be a 4-H fair.”  So Drew raised some -- $740 to be exact.  Here’s the skinny.  Pie making was risky.  Suppose … Continue reading The $740 Pie

Scars from Childhood

Our wonderful house guest from California was about to open my sight.  Make me aware of why I have been pushed around in life.  It was a significant insight, hence this most personal website article to date.  My father was raised by alcoholic parents. Because both were teachers through the depression years (1929-1942), they had … Continue reading Scars from Childhood