Standing Up on Water Skis

The lesson was on being dependent on the Holy Spirit and avoiding a frontal charge of human effort to achieve spiritual progress. Everyone was nodding and agreeing that we do not want to try to do God’s work depending on the arm of flesh. We want God’s power; God has to do the important work … Continue reading Standing Up on Water Skis

Mountains are Not Meant to Envy

Guest Author John Piper Mountains are not meant to be envied. In fact, they are not meant to even be possessed by anyone on earth. They are, as David said, “. . . the mountains of God” (Ps. 36:6). If you try to make a Minnesota hill imitate a mountain, you will make a fool … Continue reading Mountains are Not Meant to Envy


An airplane takes off from an airport. The Captain is Jewish and the First Officer is Chinese. It’s the first time they have flown together and it is obvious they don’t get along. After 30 minutes, the Jewish captain says, “I don’t like Chinese.” The First Officer replies, “You no like Chinese?  Why?”  The Captain … Continue reading Humor

Cabin Fever (Genesis 8)

Cabin Fever refers to too many people being in too small a space for too long. It can happen in a small mountain cabin, or a car stuck in traffic, or when your children are sick for three days and the whole family is pretty much on lock-down.  That was certainly the case in the … Continue reading Cabin Fever (Genesis 8)

Suddenly The Angel Left

Would you like to talk to an angel about what’s happening to you?  I would. Peter came close, but did not have adequate time for an in-depth discussion.   It is reported in Acts 12:8-10.  King Herod, willing to please the militant Jews, killed James (the brother of John).  He arrested Peter, intending to put him … Continue reading Suddenly The Angel Left

Meaningful Meetings with the Master (Part 2 of 2)

Our individual worship times are more essential to our spiritual health than serving in a local church; more essential than communion; more essential than fellowship, valuable though all of those things can be.  We have been looking at having nourishing times alone with God.  Five suggestions were: Faith attitude:  “God will nourish me as I … Continue reading Meaningful Meetings with the Master (Part 2 of 2)

Meaningful Meetings with the Master

A Christian who enjoys a positive relationship with the Lord will likely say that their private time of worship is what nourishes and sustains them. Since a little directly from God is better than a lot from people, Christians have to know how to feed themselves from the Bible. One’s personal time of worship is … Continue reading Meaningful Meetings with the Master