It’s a Matter of Perspective

“$165 to tune a piano!” the pleasant voice over the phoned said as though that was pocket money for a Tuesday. Since I can remember when it cost $45, this price seemed high. After determining the availability of this piano tuner (if worst came to worst), I called a second one. “It would cost between … Continue reading It’s a Matter of Perspective

Out-of-Character Participation

 It was a big project – a wall.  Not Donald Trump’s 2016 wall, but Nehemiah’s 446 B.C. wall.  When a big project is in front of a family, a business, a church or a mission organization, it needs out-of-character participation to succeed.   Nehemiah 3 is a telephone directory of 42 different individuals or groups … Continue reading Out-of-Character Participation

Football Foolishness

 I played football in high school and loved the crash and bash. Just what a young buck needed to bled off enough energy to sleep at night.  But our society has gotten unbalanced about football.    The stadium was full at Happy Valley.  Penn State was due to play Michigan on November 13, 2021.  Both … Continue reading Football Foolishness

Understanding Benjamin Franklin

 Why was he so repulsed by the power of England? What made him so determined in the cause of the American independence in the 1760s and 1770s?  Benjamin Franklin was the 10th child born to his father, Josiah Franklin, and his second wife. By 10 years of age, he was assisting his father in the … Continue reading Understanding Benjamin Franklin

Samson: A Bigger Perspective (Part 2 of 2, Judges 13-16)

 Samson’s judgeship is reported as thoroughly as Gideon’s, while several judges get only two or three verses.  He is the last judge (excluding Samuel, who may or may not be classified as a judge).  Because of his glaring weakness, we tend to learn negatively from him (What not to do). But let’s look at God’s … Continue reading Samson: A Bigger Perspective (Part 2 of 2, Judges 13-16)

Samson: A Bigger Perspective (Part 1 of 2, Judges 13-16)

 Most know that Samson was a he-man with a she-problem (Charles Swindoll’s phrase). But there was more happening than an appetite gone wild. Most Bible commentators major on Samson’s flesh failures and say little about the critical phrase in Judges13:5 – God’s commission for Samson was that he would  “. . . begin the deliverance … Continue reading Samson: A Bigger Perspective (Part 1 of 2, Judges 13-16)

What If (II Samuel 10)

“Yes, it looks like King David wants to encourage you about the loss of your father, but what if he is really spying out the land, learning of your defenses and planning to invade you?” The Ammonite king had died, and Israel’s king, David of Bethlehem, sent a delegation to sympathize with the new king … Continue reading What If (II Samuel 10)


 “I can’t go in these” was a statement of individuality.  The shepherd boy of  Samuel 17:36-39 was about to face the Philistine giant Goliath in individual combat.  King Saul was trying to assist him toward victory by providing his own armor and sword.  Yet David was unwilling to use the king’s equipment.  A Lot of … Continue reading Individuality

Sitting Bull’s Atonement

Sitting Bull was the leader of the Hunkpapa, a division of the Sioux Indians. There were some Blackfeet and Cheyenne allied with him on the fateful day of June 25, 1876.  It would come to be known as the Battle of the Little Bighorn River and Custer’s Last Stand.  But let’s back up.   Sitting … Continue reading Sitting Bull’s Atonement

Alive to God

Recently a new president was installed at our alma mater.  The local pastor who brought the charge to the new president said:  “The greatest gift I can bring to the people of my congregation is not administrative skill.  The greatest gift I can give to my people is not Bible              teaching. The … Continue reading Alive to God