Boston & Halifax

 10:13 A.M. December 6th, 1917 Boston and Halifax were not friends. In fact, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada had fought for or supported every cause, battle or confrontation against the Americans since the American Revolutionary War.  It was that conflict that sent 30,000 British Empire loyalists fleeing from New York and New England, who became the foundation … Continue reading Boston & Halifax

Surprising Result

Colossians 1:11 leaped out me . . . flashing like a neon sign.  It reports a surprising result.  What would you expect from “. . . being strengthened with all power according to His glorious might?”  With all that spiritual fire-power (“strengthened with all power” and “according to His glorious might”) I would expect that … Continue reading Surprising Result

How Much Plagiarism

How much of a given 30-minute Sunday morning message comes from the mind and heart of a local pastor?  How much does he get from the illuminating work of the Spirit directly to his mind and heart versus how much comes from books, radio broadcasts or the internet?    Why is this Such an Uncomfortable … Continue reading How Much Plagiarism

Scars from Childhood

Our wonderful house guest from California was about to open my sight.  Make me aware of why I have been pushed around in life.  It was a significant insight, hence this most personal website article to date.  My father was raised by alcoholic parents. Because both were teachers through the depression years (1929-1942), they had … Continue reading Scars from Childhood

A Holy Spirit Sighting

  Having never regarded myself as very perceptive,  I have been pleased and dazzled recently by sensing the action of the Holy Spirit.  Does one have to be 76 years of age before catching on?  Before seeing and sensing God at work in the midst of daily life?  Oh, to be less dull.   Here’s … Continue reading A Holy Spirit Sighting

Out With The Old and In With The New (Fasting, Patches and Wineskins)

A passage was explained in church this morning (May 30, 2021) that I have never understood. So I will try to be a good errand boy and hand on what I’ve learned.   John’s disciples were questioning why they and the Pharisees fasted, but Jesus and His disciples did not.  The disciples of John said … Continue reading Out With The Old and In With The New (Fasting, Patches and Wineskins)

City Gates

Being a student of the Old Testament, you know that during Biblical time much business was conducted at the gate of a given city.   Abraham met at the city gate to buy a burial plot for Sarah (Genesis 23:18). Boaz went to the city gate to inform the community about Ruth (Ruth 4:1)“So Hamor and … Continue reading City Gates

Into The Unknown

Astronaut corps was formed to penetrate the unknown. Not knowing what to expect, doctors and psychologists determined to do everything possible to know their subjects, so as to give America the highest possible odds on bringing our men back from outer space alive. They knew the world would be watching.  The trainers over-prepared. Describing the … Continue reading Into The Unknown