Cuba June 2022

 The people of Cuba have inspired us and rebuked us many times. Inspired because they are positive, focused on God’s grace and goodness;  rebuked because they do not complain about their hardships (average income US$30 per month).   (The billboard in the picture says something like Fatherland or death; we are invincible).    Our books … Continue reading Cuba June 2022

Tell Me The Dream (Thoughts for Preachers)

 Your Delivery is Critical.   Some preachers take off, fly up to 35,000 feet, speak for forty minutes and then land, maintaining the same delivery.  Same intensity in their voice. Same tone of voice, same, volume.  Same, same (shame) puts people to sleep.   Instead, sometimes whisper, sometimes shout.  Sometimes speak fast, other times spread … Continue reading Tell Me The Dream (Thoughts for Preachers)

You Want It,  and You Can Have it, But . . . 

 . . .  it won’t be what you expect it to be.   A young man wants a car. Okay.  He sees himself orbiting his high school three times to make sure everyone knows he has wheels. He imagines the new respect he will get from the girls – having his own car will move … Continue reading You Want It,  and You Can Have it, But . . . 

Out with the Old, In with the New

A passage was explained in church this morning (May 30, 2021) that I have never understood as full as I now grasp it.  So I will try to be a good messenger boy and hand on what I’ve learned.  Previously I had not connected the fasting part with the new wine part.  The passages involved … Continue reading Out with the Old, In with the New

The Mystery of Good and Bad Generations

 II Kings 16 – 23 reports the succession of five kings of Judah.   Ahaz was a terrible king. His 16-year reign is reported in II Kings 16.  But Ahaz had a son, Hezekiah, whowas a godly man.  The Bible account of his tenure as king is in II Kings 18  & 19.    The … Continue reading The Mystery of Good and Bad Generations

Mountain Climbing

 How many times did Moses climb Mt. Sinai?  It appears that he was called up the mountain once to get stone tablets, then came down to deal with the golden calf situation = round trip # 1. 1 Then God called Big Mo back up the mountain to get a fresh set of tablets on which … Continue reading Mountain Climbing

God Teaching Me

For some months in late 2014 we carefully planned a trip to visit missionaries.  Looking at the geography – Detroit → Seattle → Manila → Siliguri (India) → Kathmandu → Mumbai  --  it made sense to simply keep going west, all the way around the world.  We rewarded ourselves with a few days in London … Continue reading God Teaching Me

The Mystery of King George III

King George III was the king of England when the American colonies broke away, establishing themselves as a sovereign nation (c. 1775-1783). His life is a study in extremes. Sensual Ancestors    George was the grandson of sensual, self-indulgent King George I and son of the equally sensual and self-oriented King George II.  Both men … Continue reading The Mystery of King George III

Total Permeation

 Pancakes without baking soda are flat;  little taste.  But soda has a way of working its way throughout the batter, totally permeating the whole batch.  Water – given enough time and pressure – can soak through just about anything, reducing it to pulp, rust (like the old VW to the left), debris or waste.  Total … Continue reading Total Permeation