It was not long after Mr. George Bush was elected that the Left started hating him.  After his eight years, the nation took a sharp turn to the left,  electing Mr. Barack Obama. And the Right hated him. Totally ignoring Philippians 4:8, the Right could not say anything good about him–you would have thought he was the false prophet (Rev. 13:11).  He had his eight years. Then the nation went to the other extreme and elected Mr. Donald Trump.  And the Left went ballistic. 

 While I like what Mr. Trump did, how he did it and what he said was most distasteful.  He was arrogant and boastful.  Naysaying everything in America until he was president and then saying everything was great.  

 Then in 2020, the nation — reacting to Mr. Trump — went to the other extreme and elected Mr. Biden.  Actually, I think people did not vote for Biden, they voted against Trump. Ah, yes, to Trump or not to Trump.  I believe Mr. Trump is responsible for his own political defeat in 2020. His arrogant, caustic mouth was his downfall.  God will tolerate a lot, but pride puts one in direct conflict with the Almighty. 

So we got Mr. Biden, a man owned by the extreme Left.  A man whose family has gorged itself at the public trough. And Mr. Biden has clearly lied about not knowing his son’s business dealings.  

Personally, I think they all – the Clintons, Trump, Obama — belong in jail. On the other hand, we have so many laws that one can’t govern a nation as large and as diverse as America without breaking some laws. 

 Extreme attitudes pour out of CNN, NBC and FOX on a nearly constant basis.  Things are said that one would have to be omniscient to know are true.  Absolute statements are made about the motives and attitudes of the other side which the speaker has no way of verifying.  Trump is vilified as the devil himself even months and months after he has left office. Biden is portrayed as a boggling idiot who can’t speak a clear sentence and Vice President Harris is made out to be an idiot. 

What happened to journalists saying, “We report, you decide?”  Where has objective journalism gone?  It is a casualty of the culture war ravaging our nation.  America is being torn apart by extremists.  

Personally, I do not think Mr. Trump is more electable in 2024 than he was in 2020. He lost in 2020, and he will lose in 2024 . . . because He is extreme. Mr. Biden will not run again.  

So America is ready for some new voices.  

And the point of the above is that balance is a critical part of a healthy person’s life and a healthy nation’s life. The Bible shows balance:  

  • The simple optimist of Proverbs is balanced by the truth of the book of    Job—those who obey God win in the end.  
  • The Christian man is the leader of his home, but he needs to be ready to die for his wife.  
  • “God is not willing that any should perish” (II Peter 3:9), is balanced by the Lord’s explanation of why He spoke in parables: “Otherwise they might see with their eyes, hear with their ears, understand with their hearts, and turn, and I would deal them (Matthew 13:11-15). 

The spending of vast amounts of money–which has been led by both Republicans and Democrats—is wrong.  If we can’t afford it, we do not get it. America needs to operate by the same rules as households.  

America is primed for disaster.  How we need God’s grace upon America.  That America continues to fund world missions gives God a reason to hold off judgment. But it may come soon anyway. 

3 thoughts on “Extreme

  1. Thank you very much for sharing. Each president came from a different background with different experiences. I dreamt that President Bush would be our President.His father was our former President before my lovely President Bill Clinton.
    Almost all my colleagues got mad at me and hated me for that thought.This was my dream then.I dreamt that President George Bush came to my house and said, “Philomena let us go out for dinner”.Look at a me a poor Registered Nurse going to dinner with a rich known white man. Who born dog?.I asked myself. So when I woke up I knew that he would be our next President but when I shared my dream at work,it was received with anger,and some throw things at me I smiled because my dreams then is usually like a prophecy.
    Barbara Bush George Bush mother was a disciplinarian.I loved that woman he loved her family and was not afraid of telling the truth.
    President Obama was very handsome some years ago,great orator,charismatic raised by his grandparents and married to a hardworking woman Michelle Obama from a well disciplined home.I understand that people don’t like President Obama but the dream of Martin Luther King was fulfilled by Obama presidency whether the right hated him,some blacks hated him because his father was from Africa but the Will of God overshadowed all Haters.He was a wonderful President, a decent,disciplined man.I like him and will always like him.
    President Trump was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, spoiled, different,charismatic, was handsome, arrogant, lacks discipline, disregard and disrespect of the laws of the land but we loved him so much.
    You can see him as uncle that you will have fun with eating chicken wings together.I enjoyed and laughed when he talked on TV.Do you remember his dance?I loved some of his philosophy but his greed,constant deception, cheating every day on everything, taking classified documents home was the climax,he misbehaved so badly that even if you loved him you will get tired of defending him.
    While we were busy loving him,his main objective was divide and conquer,greed,make money, defraud everyone including his supporters and make all the money at the expense of others.
    People,and Pastors in Nigeria who idolized President Trump fighting and killing each other because of President Trump are now quiet.They loved his hatred for LGBT and Muslims. Where are they now?.I am sure that some of them are in their bunkers.
    President Joe Biden is a great Messiah that has come to rescue us whether we accept it or not. In 2019 the USA Healthcare system ranked last,yes LAST among the 11 highest income Countries. Although USA spends a huge proportion of its gross domestic product on health care but is unable to eliminate health disparities and increase the quality of health for all Americans. And that is why so many Americans especially the poor died from COVID19 due lack access to decent hospitals and lack of insurance coverage protection,no protection for health care emergencies. I feel sorry that President Joe Biden has to sacrifice himself for us to clean up all the mess.Thank God is Joe Biden,a caring compassionate man with America 🇺🇸first.Long live President Joe Biden,and long live United States of America. #presidentBush,#unity, #love #Obama,#America,# healthdisparities.


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