You have wondered, “Will more people be saved and enjoy Heaven for eternity, or will more people remain lost?”  If more people remain separated from God, then it seems that satan will have won. And it does not seem logical that God would allow that.

It is true that some Scripture appears to support the more-lost-than-saved position. “Jesus said, “. . . wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it” (Matthew 7:13). And in the parable of the sower (Matthew 13:1-8), only one kind of soil out of four brought forth a healthy crop, which verse 23 says means a person who is spiritually fruitful e.g. redeemed. 

We get a very encouraging perspective from the illustration above which is based on John 14:2 and Revelation 21:16.   John 14:2 says Jesus was / is preparing a place for His own.  And Revelation adds that that place — the New Jerusalem — will be a cube 1400 miles square.  That is a huge place for His saints to live. 

Figuring a given palatial mansion to be 40 feet by 40 feet with 10 foot ceilings – one person (no marriage in Heaven, Matthew 22:30) the math looks like this. 

Height:   in one mile (which is 5280 feet), one could fit 582 apartments, each measuring 40 X 40 feet with a 10-foot ceiling.  

Width:   again, because this is one square mile, one could fit 582 apartments that measure 40 feet X 40 feet X 10 feet  

Depth:  again, since we are measuring one mile, the math tells us we would fit 582 apartments, measuring 40 X 40 X 10 into the depth dimension.  

How Many Apartments has God Prepared for His own?  
Figuring out how many apartments would fit into one square mile, we can then determine how many would be in a 1400 mile cube. 

Then shifting from one square mile to a cube with each dimension being 1400 miles, that math tells us we could have this many such apartments in this cube: 

  • 2.5 X 1016   
  • Or expressed another way, it would be 1400 X 1400 X 1400 X 5280 X 5280  X 5280 
  • Or expressed with zeroes, I would look like this:  2.5,000,000,000,000.  
  • Or expressed in words, that would be 25,000 trillion such mansions.    

That is a large number of palatial mansions / apartments for God’s people to enjoy throughout eternity.  Two factors come quickly to mind that would change this estimate. First, individual apartments may be smaller or larger.  40 X 40 X 10 is just a guess on my part.  The home my wife and I live in now is smaller than that and still very adequate, hence my estimate.  Second, there would need to be some space for hallways, elevators, streets, accommodation for travel,  parks, concert auditoriums, stadiums, shopping, etc.  

In recent years, millions have been aborted. I believe they went straight to the Savior’s arms. Through the centuries, multitides have died shortly after being born. They are redeemed also.  The Black Death of 1348 and the Plague of 1666 in London killed about 15% of the population, may were children and infants. Again, such innocents were redeemed.  Plagues kept the population of the world small until the last 100 years. Recently, better nurtrition, better health care and reduction in plagues has caused the population of the earth to balloon.  As I suggested, most of the people who have ever lived are alive now (which creates enormous accountability for the church to evangelize the world).     

Whatever other factors there may be – ones raised in this article or factors I have not known or written about — the point remains: I believe more people will be redeemed than will remain lost. God wins!  

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