My wife, Marilyn, had two sons, but no daughters. We always wanted a daughter. It just did not happen.  She never got to dress up a daughter in frilly clothing;  never go to share girl stuff with her own daughter.   So when four granddaughters were born to our sons and their wives, we were thrilled.

Marilyn was an excellent grandmother. One day when our third oldest grand munchkin was at our home, she wanted to give Marilyn a beauty treatment, so it was off to our bathroom for the picture you see above.  

When we see this picture, the following is in our minds: 

  • This little girl was a beautiful child (and as a high school graduate, she is still beautiful).
  • There is a wholesomeness in her wanting grandma to look good. 
  • She had all the tools of her trade laid out to give Grandma a complete make-over (that she borrowed from her big sister).  She’s ready. 
  • There is an innocence on her face that is so very attractive.
  • Grandma’s enjoyment of being with her granddaughter
  • Grandma is patient, adding to the warm ambiance. 

Grandparenting is grand!  Some headaches, but still grand.   I am re-joy-ed every time I see this picture.   Of the 45 pictures summarizing all of our lives, including raising two sons, being married 50 and traveling the world, Beauty Shoppe is in that small collection of life-time photos. 

When this same grand was in our home on another occasion, she was being extra active, so her mother said to her, hold those feet still.  So she reached down to hold her feet still.  Precious innocence. 

2 thoughts on “Beauty Shoppe

  1. Huh! Thanks for letting us know about your website, Marilyn.. I love reading the stories Keith ha spotted here.
    Grandbabies are joy givers. For now, we have “adopted” a friend’s grandbaby. And they have “adopted” us as their own as well.


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