• “Behold” as though unity is a rare thing. A wonder seldom seen or experienced. The world can’t pull off unity.  Jesus said that when His followers are unified, the world would believe that He came from God (John 17:23).   The Spirit of God speaks of unity as “good” and “pleasant,”  comparing it to (1) anointing oil and (2) dew.  
  • Anointing oil perfumed the atmosphere   Unity brings a pleasant aroma.  Businesses,  churches, families and marriages give off an odor. In some situations, one smells tension, competition and stress. Other organizations have a pleasant fragrance.  
  • God gave special instruction  about this anointing oil (Exodus 30:22-25). Likewise, God has given special instructions about unity (John 17:23).
  • Anointing oil is temporary  When you put on deodorant, you know it going to be temporary. Perfume is also temporary. Do you suppose that three days later, one could still smell the anointing oil on Aaron?  A week?  Likewise, unity is temporary.  It does not last long – we have to work to maintain it.  Ephesians  4:3.  
  • Anointing oil sanctifies   for service.  Leviticus 8:12 says that Moses poured the oil on Aaron to sanctify (or consecrate) him.  Aaron stood dignified by the solemnity of the occasion.  Unity adds dignity and beauty to Christian service.  Likewise, unity sanctifies us, setting us apart for service.  Little unity, little profitable service.  Much unity, much kingdom advancement.  
  • Anointing Oil distinguished   Aaron from the other priests. Harmony and unity distinguish us from all others who do not claim to be trying to follow God. 
  • Anointing oil was costly.  God gave specific instructions about how to make it.  The elements in it were expensive.  Unity can also be expensive,  the value corresponding with the personal and organization cost to achieve it.  
  • Anointing oil spread   Twice the text speaks of the oil moving; running down. Unity (or disunity) travels.  Your comments in private are an important means of spreading unity.  Love spreads a positive light on everything.  The anointing oil did not stay where it was placed – it ran down.  It moved, perfuming as it traveled, flowing where it is not sought, not asked.  It moves. So does unity.  
  • Unity is like valuable dew   Israel is a dry country.  A heavy dew was an important source of moisture.  This fragile means of irrigation was important. So is unity. 

Up with unity!

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