• If Sin Smelled

    What if Sin Smelled?   Anger smelled like burnt rubber, resentment like rotten eggs,  gluttony like a two-week old carcass, pride like vinegar, or  greed reeked like road-kill?  Would you want to be close to anyone?  No!  Suppose every time we sinned in thought, deed or word we had a sudden body chill,  or we … Continue reading If Sin Smelled

  • Your God Said What? (Genesis 12:1-9)

    Imagine your husband coming home from his job one day to announce that you and your household would be moving to a land far away. In answer to your questions, you find out that only unknown people live there, it is in the middle of nowhere and you will be permanently living in tents. No … Continue reading Your God Said What? (Genesis 12:1-9)

  • What Do You Expect to Accomplish and How Will it End?

    Looking ahead as young adults,  we hoped to accomplish much.  Looking back at previous decades,  we ask ourselves, “What was actually achieved?   During a recent reading of Deuteronomy, this question arose: “What did Moses accomplish?”  How did his life end?” He achieved a great deal.  He led two million Israelites through a desert for … Continue reading What Do You Expect to Accomplish and How Will it End?