• Cuba June 2022

     The people of Cuba have inspired us and rebuked us many times. Inspired because they are positive, focused on God’s grace and goodness;  rebuked because they do not complain about their hardships (average income US$30 per month).   (The billboard in the picture says something like Fatherland or death; we are invincible).    Our books … Continue reading Cuba June 2022

  • Tell Me The Dream (Thoughts for Preachers)

     Your Delivery is Critical.   Some preachers take off, fly up to 35,000 feet, speak for forty minutes and then land, maintaining the same delivery.  Same intensity in their voice. Same tone of voice, same, volume.  Same, same (shame) puts people to sleep.   Instead, sometimes whisper, sometimes shout.  Sometimes speak fast, other times spread … Continue reading Tell Me The Dream (Thoughts for Preachers)

  • There’s Faith… and Then There is FAITH

     You are smarter than I am. You realized this a while back, while I am just now seeing there is one level of faith in Hebrews 11 and then there is a second level of FAITH in Hebrews 11.   Years ago when I preached through Hebrews 11, I was fine with the first 36 … Continue reading There’s Faith… and Then There is FAITH